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Gillette wholesale (B2B)

Buy Gillette directly from the wholesale as a reseller on favorable terms. As a wholesaler, RasurX offers the best assortiment from Gillette, including razor blades and razors. Delivery within the EU and third countries close to Germany, such as Switzerland possible! Special orders on request.  Convenient online sales only to resellers based on B2B!

RasurX is your reputable an solid wholesaler of Gillette products

Since the beginning of 2015, RasurX has specialized in Gillette products, delivering more than 2650 orders for the strongest months. Switching to the B2B segment in 2017 and focussing on europe-wide sales, RasurX already recorded six-digit sales in its annual balance sheet in 2018 and is increasingly gaining in favor among its customers. Use now as a reseller the offer, which will positively surprise you.