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International business with many years of expertise

RasurX is an international trading company based in Germany.

RasurX started its own web shop in 2015 and processed over 2650 customer orders per month at peak times. Scaling the business was needed asap. The business to customer (B2C) was discontinued within a very short time and since then the business model has been designed exclusively for B2B customers.

In 2022, sales increased by around 80% compared to the previous year, despite the challenge of the pandemic.

Regular customers include companies of all sizes from a wide range of industries in over 20 countries. In addition to Germany, these include e.g. the EU countries like Poland and Netherlands. Third-country customers include Switzerland, Thailand and Norway.

At RasurX you get Gillette and Wilkinson Sword products directly from established dealer at favorable conditions and low minimum order amounts. Special orders that are outside of the available stock range are of course possible on request. Inside the portfolio-catalogue, all items are marked with the “Internal Sales Ranking” in the form of ★. This information should help you in your purchase decision.

We look forward to welcoming you as our business customer.

Gillette & Wilkinson Sword Wholesaler for worldwide Import and Export

Large stock range

The offer is mainly designed for immediately available stock products of razor blades and razors. Of course we also accept individual orders.

Lucrative conditions

The low dealer prices can be maintained from a minimum order amount of 1000 EUR and payment by bank transfer. In this way, we give even small business owners a chance to grow together.

Worldwide delivery

The delivery of your order is already possible from EUR 9.95 net per package with DE parcel shipping. Pallet shipping is only available on request at daily prices.

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Gillette Großhandel

Only the best for him

Gillette Venus Großhandel

Brand for smooth lady-skin

Gillette Venus™
Wilkinson Sword Großhandel

proven for the man

Wilkinson Sword™
Wilkinson Sword Intuition Großhandel

Perfect for beauty-routine

Wilkinson Sword Intuition™
Oral-B Händler gesucht

Wholesale partner wanted

Self-Care Center

In this section you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. For reasons of productivity, we ask that you only contact the seller or site operator after looking through this area separately on the specific topic, if the question could not be answered by the Self-Care Center (SCC). The questions are divided into four different subject areas for better and faster retrieval and for the sake of transparency. Click on the relevant topic to go to the Questions and Answers (FAQs).

Product FAQs

Yes, the goods can be viewed  / inspected on site.

No, the prices are very tightly calculated.

Some branded products and their cheap copies (so-called plagiarism) look deceptively similar, but the quality of the counterfeit product is often worse.

We expressly distance ourselves from plagiarism of any kind. That is why we work with reliable and long-standing wholesale partners that we know personally.

Through trusting cooperation and the combination of experience and knowledge, together we can reach our goal more easily and quickly.

Our customers are always the focus of our attention. Satisfaction and trust are our top priority. And so that we also play an important role for you, we offer you maximum security and competence.

Sales usually take place in full boxes. If, however, a box is not 100% perfect in its condition, it can also happen that an opened box with a smaller number of pieces can be sold. This is depending on availability in stock.

Minimum order value 1000.00 EUR net. It should also be noted that no boxes are opened. Carton sizes can be reviewed on the product single page and in the category overview.

No. Even with larger purchase quantities, the prices remain constant and only while stocks last.

No. Basically, there is no discount for reasons of sharp calculation. The settlement of the order is always due immediately. Shipping processed only after receipt of payment.

If something has been misplaced, contact us directly via WhatsApp or cell phone number (GSM) with brief information about this is the best solution.

No. In terms of the system, only our own parcel brands from DHL or DPD are used.

No. We are contract customers of DHL, DPD and Hellmann Worldwide Logistics and organize the shipping ourselves for legal and security reasons.

Yes! The inventory is always shown in real time.

For goods that are required at short time, sending a transaction receipt (transfer receipt) can shorten the shipping time by the regular bank processing time (approx. 1-5 days).

The goods will always be released for shipping after receipt of payment and will be dispatched.

Due legal reasons we only offer bank transfer as a payment method.

No, only the date of manufacture is on the product.

All visible shop prices are net prices.

You can see whether an item is available based on the status both on the single item page and in the category view.

Yes, you will receive the products as shown on the product page.

Yes, you are welcome to send us your wishes by e-mail. We will contact you and see what options are available.
Logistic FAQs
You will receive the tracking number(s) when the goods are shipped. The order must be paid totally before shipping.
You will receive the tracking number of the carrier or parcel service provider and can track the status of the delivery online at any time. The dispatch takes place exclusively with the settlement of the ordered goods.

Domestic shipping: Package dimensions of 60 x 60 x 120 cm and a maximum weight of 31.5 kg will be charged at €9.95 net. The goods will be delivered by DHL / Deutsche Post! Costs for packages abroad are on request! Parcels abroad are sent via DPD. Domestic/abroad shipping with a Euro pallet on request! See more info.

Yes, we also sell our goods to traders abroad (b2b customers).
In this case, please contact us by email or mobile phone number. We will immediately send an inquiry to the forwarding agent or the shipping service provider. In very rare exceptional cases, a shipment is lost and an investigation order must be made. If this is the case, the customer will receive a replacement delivery.
Yes, a small business owner is treated like a private buyer. Therefore, the invoice is including 19% VAT. For sales without VAT, a valid VAT ID number in the name of the recipient (natural/legal person) is essentially required.
If it is an official and registered company abroad with a valid VAT number, the invoice can be issued without 19% VAT.
Since we only offer our products at net prices, we have to verify that our customers are commercial customers. If you should decide on a product in our shop, you will be asked to upload your valid business license.
The invoice amount is due immediately upon receipt of the invoice. Goods will only be shipped after receipt of payment.
Technical FAQs
Our website uses the latest security technology. All personal information is transmitted using the highest security and precautionary measures.
For security reasons, such changes can only be made via the service department. Simply write an e-mail to service@rasurx.de.